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What can the amazing beneficial bacteria Lactobacilus sakei treat? We know it can treat sinusitis (sinus infections) - based on the original Abreu et al (2012) research, personal experiences, and feedback from hundreds of people since I started this site in 2013. Can it treat bronchitis? Earaches? How about skin infections? L. sakei dominates over and inhibits growth ...continue reading "What Else Can Lactobacillus Sakei Treat?"


I can be contacted at: Thank you all for contacting me with your questions and comments by writing to my email address and in the comments sections of posts. I try to answer all the questions that I can. I am always looking for more natural treatments for sinusitis.  But I would also like to ...continue reading "Contact"

Sima is Mara Silgailis.                             Mara lives in New Jersey and has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She has been interested in the relationship between health and the environment for many ...continue reading "About"