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Nice summary article about the known benefits of nuts and seeds, and the nutrients they contain. Bottom line: all nuts and seeds are beneficial to health. It's best to eat a variety of nuts, and eat some nuts daily or at least a few times a week. A typical serving is 1/4 cup or small ...continue reading "Many Health Benefits of Nuts and Seeds"

New study in the Journal of Internal Medicine  with interesting results. In the study, women were followed for 20 years, and any  deaths were put into one of 3 groups: as being from: heart disease, cancer, or other (non-heart disease and non-cancer). Swedish women followed for 20 years found that the more sunlight exposure they had, ...continue reading "More Sunlight Exposure, Live Longer?"

It seems that a lot has been written about the health benefits of some berries, such as blueberries, while other berries have been neglected. This study focused on red raspberries, black raspberries, and blackberries. While the study was done in Poland, it was pointed out that these berries are also commonly grown in the USA. ...continue reading "Beneficial Foods: Blackberries, Red Raspberries, and Black Raspberries"

This study, even though done on mice, reinforces previous research that taking antioxidant supplements are linked to higher rates of cancer or the spread of cancer (metastases). Here it is linked to the spread of metastatic skin cancer. The researchers say that the overall conclusion from the various studies is that antioxidants protect healthy cells ...continue reading "Don’t Feed Melanoma"

An article that discusses why supplements containing large doses of antioxidants, or beta-carotene, or even vitamin megadoses  doesn't work, and can even cause harm, while eating actual foods such as fruits and vegetables has many health benefits. This is what a number of the studies I've been posting also found (especially with health benefits from ...continue reading "Forget the Pills, Eat the Vegetables Instead"

This latest study confirms the benefits of eating peanuts and nuts. The Netherlands Cohort Study has studied 120, 000 Dutch men and women since 1986, and they found that eating approximately 1/2 handful of peanut or nuts per day is linked to a lower risk of mortality. However, this beneficial effect did not apply to ...continue reading "Nuts Linked to Lower Mortality Rates"

After reading this article, I looked over my last year's posts and realized that the recent studies posted all found that eating fish showed health benefits (and they did not look at supplements). Once again, a food shows benefits while the supplement is debatable. Current advice: try to eat fish at least twice a week. From ...continue reading "Is Eating Fish Better Than Fish Oil Supplements?"

Discussions of the benefits of dietary fiber seem to be everywhere this week. From Forbes: Eat Whole Grains For A Long Life, New Study Says Eating lots of whole grains – especially those high in cereal fiber – may help people live longer, according to new research. The study out in BMC Medicine this week suggests ...continue reading "Recent Studies Show Benefits of Dietary Fiber"

Eating nuts or peanuts several times a week is associated with lower death rates, especially from cardiovascular disease. Note that a serving is a small handful or 1.5 ounces of whole nuts or 2 tablespoons of nut butter. Science Daily: Peanut consumption associated with decreased total mortality and mortality from cardiovascular diseases If you're looking ...continue reading "Eating Nuts and Peanuts Associated With Lower Death Rates"

Chronic inflammation can have a variety of negative health effects. From Time: 13 Ways Inflammation Can Affect Your Health You can't live without inflammation, but it can also be hazardous to your health. You’ve heard of anti-inflammatory medications and anti-inflammatory diets, but do you really know what inflamation is? In short, it’s the body’s response to ...continue reading "Chronic Inflammation and Health Effects"