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Mara Silgailis, PhD

Contact me to set up a personal phone or video consultation at:

I am available for phone and video consultations on various topics. Along with a PhD in Developmental Psychology (thus concerned with human development), I have spent many years researching various health and environmental issues. This knowledge has led to my having valuable personal experience in living and raising a family in a healthful manner and as non-toxic as possible.

Contact me to discuss any or a combination of the following:

- Successful and natural chronic sinusitis treatment methods. An in-depth discussion of what we have learned over the past few years, as well as what others have reported to me about successful sinusitis treatment. The role of beneficial bacteria in sinusitis treatment and sinus health.

- Eating healthy foods and feeding your bacteria (human microbiome) for (hopefully) better health. What the latest research suggests are good foods to eat and why. Easy ways to improve your diet.

- Non-toxic and healthy life style choices. What you can do to live as healthy and non-toxic life as possible. This can mean things you can do for your family to lower exposure to pesticides and other harmful chemicals in your environment and food, and looking at safer alternatives. Also, how to increase beneficial gut microbes that promote health (and not disease).

- Organic lawn care or non-toxic IPM (Integrated Pest Management) for all sorts of pest control. Also, why you should care about pesticides and your health.

FEE:  The cost of each consultation is $45. for each 30 minute block.