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Sima is Mara Silgailis.                             Mara lives in New Jersey and has a PhD in Developmental Psychology from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. She has been interested in the relationship between health and the environment for many years.

Some other areas of interest are: non-toxic and natural lifestyle, eating healthy foods, everything related to the human microbiome (the community of microbes within us), treating illnesses with microbes (chronic sinusitis, urinary tract infections, etc.), organic lawn care, least toxic Integrated Pest Management (IPM), and pesticides and human health.

Her biggest recent accomplishment has been the discovery of easy and successful natural treatments for chronic sinusitis. This ongoing experiment (10+ years with wonderful results!) of the easy natural treatments using either kimchi or Lactobacillus sakei is documented in the Sinusitis Treatment Story (the background story), Sinusitis Treatment Summary (summaries of different treatment methods),  and other sinusitis posts (including the post with information on results, brands, and products: Best Probiotics For Sinusitis).

Future goals are to continue researching natural sinusitis treatments (including more probiotics that treat sinusitis), to look for natural ways to improve the sinus microbiome, and researching probiotics (beneficial bacteria) for other diseases or ailments.