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Just For Fun, Part Two

I think everyone needs to laugh at the silly side of life sometimes. With that said, I am offering the following (all from The New Yorker archives) about health and food:

Image result for bacteria, new yorker 



"Throw out the hummus - from now on, we only eat food too fake to host bacteria."

Image result for kale, new yorker

Image result for health cartoon new yorker



“He’s allergic to peanuts, sensitive to wheat, lactose-intolerant, and just plain weirded out by fruit.”

Image result for diseases new yorker  But why not be happy about all the diseases you don't have?"

Image result for diet cartoon new yorker

Image result for exercisecartoon new yorker




"Be honest - how much are you exercising?"

Image result for glasbergen cartoon, I'm writing you a prescription Credit: R. Glasbergen

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