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Years of Treating Sinusitis Successfully Without Antibiotics

This is now the 9th year of successfully using only probiotics to treat sinusitis - both chronic sinusitis and regular sinus infections. This means no antibiotics or any other antibacterial has been used in more than 8 years! This is amazing – ten years ago I didn't believe this to be possible.

We (myself and family members) have accomplished this by using the amazing probiotic (beneficial bacteria) Lactobacillus sakei. This bacteria occurs naturally (in tiny amounts) in healthy sinuses, but is depleted or missing in those with sinusitis. I started using kimchi back in 2013 after reading research. The last few years I've used the refrigerated product Lanto Sinus, which contains a kimchi-derived strain of Lactobacillus sakei. 

I have heard from hundreds of people since the blog started, and the majority agree - Lactobacillus sakei works great as a sinusitis treatment! (Other probiotic species just don't work.) [See Best Probiotics For Sinusitis for details on results and products used.]

What I've learned about Lactobacillus sakei:

  1. Only use it when needed, when there are some sinus symptoms or you're sliding towards sinusitis. Just like with antibiotics, you shouldn't take it daily and routinely.
  2. Swishing a product like Lanto Sinus in the mouth alone is a gentle and cautious way to use the product. Using it in the nostrils is a stronger way to use the product.
  3. Don't overdo it. Using a little bit in the nostrils (as described in Sinusitis Treatment Summary) is sufficient. Let the little buggers travel on their own throughout the sinuses!
  4. Use for a few days and evaluate whether you can stop or whether you need to keep using it longer. Frequently the sinuses keep improving even after stopping Lactobacillus sakei. One can always use more if needed.
  5. If Lactobacillus sakei works for a person, it can feel miraculous as sinusitis symptoms disappear, frequently within a few days. Others have slower improvement. Unfortunately, it doesn't work for everyone and only self-experimentation determines whether it does - after all, everyone's sinus microbiome is different.
  6. Lactobacillus sakei alone is enough to treat sinusitis. Don't need fancy concoctions or fancy protocols when using it. Using it should take under 1 minute a day!
  7. The sinus microbiome slowly improves, so we are using less and less of Lanto Sinus over time. There have been improvements in the sinuses – for example, this past year my snot is like it used to be decades ago before sinus problems. We are also getting fewer upper respiratory infections.
  8. My sense is that Lactobacillus sakei is colonizing in the sinuses, at least in the short term (weeks or months).

Hopefully this offers hope to sinus infection sufferers.

I also want to mention that I'm a consultant for Lanto Health, but that's because I really like the product and use it whenever needed.

Good health!

4 thoughts on “Years of Treating Sinusitis Successfully Without Antibiotics

  1. Nancy

    Just started using Lanto sinus probiotic powder three days ago. I’ve had sinusitis for about 10 years so it is fairly advanced in my Eustachian tubes. You suggest to only use it for a few days but would that also apply to my more severe and embedded symptoms? Or should I continue past a few days?

    1. Sima

      One should use Lanto Sinus or any other Lactobacillus sakei product (e.g. kimchi) until sinusitis symptoms improve or go away. Then stop using it.
      The first time I used a product was the longest (kimchi took 2 weeks), and now years later I only need to use Lanto Sinus a few days (sometimes just a day or 2).
      Some people may have a extremely fast results from using Lactobacillus sakei, and others take longer to improve.
      Go with how you feel.

  2. Danielek Bombelek

    God bless you and this website.

    I beat my chronic sinusitis with Neti Pot Rinses with Manuka Honey, Cayenne Pepper, and Lactobacillus Sakei. I've been free of sinus issues for 3+months now, whereas before, it was re-occuring 2-3 times a week.

    6 cups distilled water hot in a thermos.
    11 grams himalayan salt stirred.
    Let cool to < 100 degrees fahrenheit (we don't want to burn the benefits of the honey).
    1 full tablespoon Manuka Honey [Grade 400+ MGO]. Stirring should take effort to dissolve to a nice yellow mixture with a strong honey smell.
    Rinse at least twice a day, 4 for serious nasal issues.
    Do this for 2 weeks. I had to take time off to really nail down the procedure and be in a position to easily & consistently prepare it every morning.

    Cayenne Pepper:
    Apply liberally to food. On everything. On anything. For serious nasal issues, consider rolling up a $50 bill and snorting a line of the pepper. Hold it in for as long as you can until you can't take it anymore. We are beating this chronic awfulness to the ground folks, you can do it, and it's worth it. Must have the nasal rinse above ready before trying this. 6 cups will flush all the pepper residue out. This is an uncomfortable 15 minute procedure for all day open airways.

    Lactobacillus Sakei:
    The Sakei powder mixed with two tablespoons of cooled distilled water. Waited 15 minutes for bacteria to 'liven up'. Applied one to two cotton-swab-soaks of the mixture deep in my nasal cavities for the 2 weeks, once a day, usually at night. Snorted the mixture deeper into the cavities.

    I can breathe folks, and it's glorious. Good luck.


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