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Did you know that our modern lifestyle is exposing us to thousands of harmful chemicals? All of us are exposed to many harmful chemicals daily - in ordinary household products, at work and school, in our food, and in the air and water around us. These chemicals are found in plastics, in stain resistant finishes, ...continue reading "Tips For Reducing Exposures to Harmful Chemicals"

Please, only buy or use sofas and upholstered chairs that do NOT contain any flame retardant chemicals. Be sure to look at the tags attached to the furniture that are required by a California law since 2015 (called Technical Bulletin 117-2013) to be on each new sofa and upholstered furniture. It will tell you if ...continue reading "Flame Retardant Chemicals Have Harmful Effects Before Birth"

A recent study found that within hours of applying sunscreen, the chemicals in the sunscreen appear in the person's blood - and at levels high enough to be of concern. Of course the chemicals enter the body! Why is anyone surprised? Generally, assume that what you put or get on your skin enters your body ...continue reading "Sunscreen Chemicals Enter the Bloodstream"

  Another study is adding to the evidence that food packaging  is frequently coated  with harmful chemicals - called perfluorinated chemicals or PFCs. The chemicals are used because they resist grease and stains, but unfortunately they then leach into the food, and when people eat the food - it gets into them. The evidence is also growing ...continue reading "A Lot of Fast Food Packaging Contains Harmful Chemicals"

An important study was recently published that documents that when pregnant women are exposed to potentially harmful chemicals in the environment around them (environmental pollutants), many of these chemicals also get transferred to the fetus. Many of the 59 chemicals looked for were detected in the newborn babies' umbilical cords (thus the chemicals had crossed the ...continue reading "Exposure To Harmful Chemicals During Pregnancy Shows Up In the Newborn"

Many articles have been written about endocrine disrupting chemicals and the numerous health problems they're linked to (see posts on them). It's been known for decades that endocrine-disrupting chemicals pose a danger to human health because the compounds can interfere with natural hormone function. Chemical exposure occurs through routine contact with plastic bottles, vinyl items, toys, ...continue reading "Exposure to Common Chemicals Costs the US $340 Billion Each Year"

Yup, e-cigarettes are NOT harmless, but emit harmful compounds. Researchers detected significant levels of 31 chemical compounds, including nicotine, nicotyrine, formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, glycidol, acrolein, acetol, and diacetyl. Included in the harmful emissions are carcinogens and respiratory irritants. From Science Daily: All e-cigarettes emit harmful chemicals, but some emit more than others While previous studies have found that ...continue reading "E-Cigarettes Emit Varying Amounts of Harmful Chemicals"

A new report authored by dozens of scientists, health practitioners and children's health advocates is highlighting the (growing annually) evidence that many common and widely available chemicals endanger neurological development in fetuses and children of all ages. The chemicals contribute to such health problems as ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, lowered IQ, behavior disorders, and many other problems. Many ...continue reading "Experts Say We Are Surrounded By Chemicals That Harm Brain Development"

A new report released by the non-profit environmental research organization Environmental Working Group (EWG) has found that up to 420 chemicals known or likely to cause cancer have been measured in people (detected in urine, blood, hair, etc). Exposure to these carcinogens is not just from on-the-job contact with industrial chemicals, but from ordinary everyday ...continue reading "Cancer Causing Chemicals Are Polluting Our Bodies"


The title says it all: coal-tar sealcoats used on drIveways and pavement are far more toxic than earlier suspected. The asphalt sealcoats are also toxic, but the coal-tar ones are far worse - so if you must use one, go with asphalt sealcoats. Or...better yet, skip either product and avoid breathing in toxic PAHs (polycyclic ...continue reading "Coal-tar Sealcoats Used on Driveways and Pavements Are More Toxic Than Suspected"