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Our DNA is everywhere. A recent study reports that everywhere we've been, we leave traces of DNA - even in the air, soil, and water. And this DNA (called environmental DNA or eDNA) is easy to sample.

This could be a privacy issue someday. Since it's so easy to collect a person's DNA in the air, soil, or water, does this mean we give consent to having someone or a company analyze and trace it to us? Will ethical guidelines be implemented about how this information can be used? Who will enforce them?

This issue is not an exaggeration. Researcher D.J. Duffy said: "We've been consistently surprised throughout this project at how much human DNA we find and the quality of that DNA," Duffy said. "In most cases the quality is almost equivalent to if you took a sample from a person."

From Science Daily: Human DNA is everywhere. That's a boon for science -- and an ethical quagmire

On the beach. In the ocean. Traveling along riverways. In muggy Florida and chilly Ireland. Even floating through the air.

We cough, spit, shed and flush our DNA into all of these places and countless more. Signs of human life can be found nearly everywhere, short of isolated islands and remote mountaintops, according to a new University of Florida study.  ...continue reading "We Leave DNA Everywhere We Go"