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Egg emerging from the follicle on the ovary. Credit: Jacques Donnez

Today I saw some amazing photos that capture the moment of human ovulation. One can clearly see the egg emerging from a follicle on the ovary. Fertile women release one or more eggs each month.

The photos were taken in 2008 when Dr. Jacques Donnez was performing a hysterectomy on a 45 year old woman and saw that ovulation was occurring. The ovulation he witnessed took about 15 minutes.

By the way, it was the first time human ovulation was caught on camera.

Credit: Jacques Donnez

From June 11, 2008 BBC News: Ovulation moment caught on camera

A human egg has been filmed in close-up emerging from the ovary for the first time, captured by chance during a routine operation. 

Fertile women release one or more eggs every month, but until now, only animal ovulation has been recorded in detail. ...continue reading "Observing Human Ovulation"