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There may be new treatments on the horizon for the most aggressive and deadly brain cancer known as glioblastoma. The median survival is less than one year, so this is very exciting news.

Two studies, using slightly different approaches, were tested on a very small number of patients (3 in one study, 6 in the other). Both approaches used the patient's own modified T-cells (part of immune system) to attack the brain tumor. Initially there was amazing shrinkage of the tumors, but unfortunately this effect was only temporary for most.

The ultimate goal is to make treatments that have long-lasting effects. By the way, glioblastoma is the brain cancer that killed President's son Beau, as well as Arizona Senator John McCain.

[Click on the article link to see amazing MRI scan images of brain tumor shrinkage.] From Medical Xpress: A new strategy to attack aggressive brain cancer shrank tumors in two early tests

Scientists took patients' own immune cells and turned them into "living drugs" able to recognize and attack glioblastoma. In the first-step tests, those cells shrank tumors at least temporarily, researchers reported Wednesday. ...continue reading "Promising New Approach For Treating Deadly Brain Cancers"