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There is nothing so refreshing as some cold ice cream on a hot summer day. But rather than viewing it as a guilty pleasure, research actually finds that it has health benefits!

Studies find that ice cream eaters have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes. This is the same level of protection as eating yogurt.

What? Yup, studies found this health benefit, but it doesn't fit the prevailing dietary view of ice cream being an unhealthy food that should be avoided. So... the  researchers of the studies didn't discuss the findings, and instead the results were hidden away. In other words, a case of bias.

By the way, cheese has had the same kind of bias against it for years (all that fat!), but finally the research finding health benefits is being discussed in the media (Consumer Reports).

Excerpts from The Atlantic: NUTRITION SCIENCE’S MOST PREPOSTEROUS RESULT Studies show a mysterious health benefit to ice cream. Scientists don’t want to talk about it.

Back in 2018, a Harvard doctoral student named Andres Ardisson Korat was presenting his research on the relationship between dairy foods and chronic disease to his thesis committee. One of his studies had led him to an unusual conclusion: Among diabetics, eating half a cup of ice cream a day was associated with a lower risk of heart problems. Needless to say, the idea that a dessert loaded with saturated fat and sugar might actually be good for you raised some eyebrows at the nation’s most influential department of nutrition. ...continue reading "Studies Find That Ice Cream Has Health Benefits"