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Liver and other organs. Credit: Wikipedia

The liver is an organ that clears the body of toxins and can actually regenerate itself if injured. A recent study found that the liver's ability to regenerate itself does not diminish with age. Good news!

A recent study analyzed livers of persons (20 to 84 years old) who had died and found that everyone's liver cells looked to be about the same age - just under 3 years old! There is constant replenishment of liver cells in the body, no matter the person's age.

There is also a subgroup of liver cells containing more DNA, that live up to a decade. But they also get replaced. Anyway you look at it - your liver is young!

From Medical Xpress: Your liver is just under three years old

The liver is an essential organ that takes care of clearing toxins in our bodies. Because it constantly deals with toxic substances, it is likely to be regularly injured. To overcome this, the liver has a unique capacity among organs to regenerate itself after damage. Because a lot of the body's ability to heal itself and regenerate decreases as we age, scientists were wondering if the liver's capacity to renew also diminishes with age. ...continue reading "No Matter Your Age, Your Liver is Young"