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Some study results seem totally obvious, leading one to say; "well, duh...". One such recent study found that listening to music during times of stress can lead to lowering of stress and an improved mood. Of course it does!

The study was done during the recent COVID-19 lockdowns in the spring of 2020 in Austria and Italy with 711 young(er) adults - median age 27 years.

The Univ. of Vienna researchers found that happy or uplifting music was especially good in lowering stress and improving the mood. Also, people reported feeling more awake and energized after listening to more energizing music than was usual for them. The opposite was reported after listening to calming music.

Betcha many (most?) of us have favorite songs we listen to during stressful times.

From Medical Xpress: Study shows that listening to music during stressful times can boost your mood and reduce stress

A team of researchers at the University of Vienna has found evidence showing that listening to music when stressed can boost a person's mood and help them relax. In their paper published on the JAMA Network Open site, the group describes an experiment they conducted with volunteers under stress caused by living under the rules of the lockdown during the early days of the global pandemic. ...continue reading "Study Finds Listening to Music Can Lower Stress and Improve Mood"