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A recent small study discussed the issue of postpartum depression in new fathers, and whether all fathers of newborns should be screened for it. Most people know that women can develop postpartum depression, but the possibility that fathers can also have it is rarely discussed.

In this small study conducted in Chicago, they found that 30% of the 24 fathers appeared to have postpartum depression - based on the same screening tool that is commonly used to screen new mothers. Other studies found/estimated that 8 to 13% of new fathers have postpartum depression, but with much higher rates if the new mother has postpartum depression.

Yes - new fathers can be stressed, anxious, worried, depressed, especially if there are financial or other stressors. Lack of sleep and fatigue was a big contributor to symptoms in the study. Pre-existing mental conditions. Problems with the relationship. Lack of paid parental leave. And on and on.

Both new mothers and new fathers need support after the birth of a baby.

From Science Daily: Should fathers be screened for postpartum depression? Pilot study

Dads can suffer from postpartum depression, and a new pilot study at the University of Illinois Chicago suggests they can and should be screened for the condition. Given the intertwined effects of mothers' and fathers' physical and mental health, addressing the health of fathers may be a powerful untapped tool in improving the nation's ongoing maternal health crisis. ...continue reading "Postpartum Depression In New Fathers"