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This is so true.... Researchers found that American adults eat about one meal's worth of snacks over the course of each day. That's about 400 to 500 calories, or almost one quarter of daily calories. Also, the snacks are typically poor nutritionally -  with lots of sugar and low in fiber.

Bottom line: If you snack, then try to have nutritionally good snacks, such as fruit or nuts (and not just chips, cookies, and candy). This way the snacks will be a source of nutrients and fiber (all good!).

From Science Daily: US adults eat a meal's worth of calories of snacks in a day

Snacks constitute almost a quarter of a day's calories in U.S. adults and account for about one-third of daily added sugar, a new study suggests. ...continue reading "Study Finds Adults Eat A Meal’s Worth of Snacks Each Day"