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The world is heating up quickly and climate scientists are very worried and scared about what's in our future. A recent survey conducted by The Guardian finds that climate scientists are very pessimistic about our ability to limit future temperature increases.

By the way, this past April was the 11th straight month of global record-breaking heat, and it looks like this trend will continue. Most of the scientists surveyed felt that we will blow past the internationally agreed 2.7 degrees F and will hit at least a 4.5 degrees F increase in this century. Almost half thought there would be a 5.4 degrees F increase.

This uncontrolled temperature increase will result in catastrophic changes for the world. Famines, mass migrations, heatwaves, wildfires, extreme storms! It's on us, especially our governments, to take action. Now!

Excerpts from The Guardian: World’s top climate scientists expect global heating to blast past 1.5C target

Hundreds of the world’s leading climate scientists expect global temperatures to rise to at least 2.5C (4.5F) above preindustrial levels this century, blasting past internationally agreed targets and causing catastrophic consequences for humanity and the planet, an exclusive Guardian survey has revealed. ...continue reading "Climate Scientists Are Very Worried About Our Future"