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Credit: Wikimedia Commons

We all have a skin microbiome - the community of millions of microbes (bacteria, fungi, viruses) that normally live on the skin. New research shows that when we get the ears pierced and start to wear earrings, it causes a disruption to the skin microbiome of the earlobes, and there is an actual shift to different microbes. A new normal develops.

The researchers found that before piercing, the earlobe skin to be pierced is disinfected (which disrupts and kills off microbes), and then after the piercing and insertion of an earring that area of the skin is permanently more moist - thus there is a shift in the community of microbes (their composition). It becomes more complex, with a greater variety of microbes, and some moisture loving species move in.

Therefore. the researchers say that ear piercing represents "ecosystem engineering on the human body". Yes. And wow.

From Science Alert: After an Ear Piercing, Your Skin Microbiome Changes in a Fundamental Way

You may not have ever realized it, but there are many trillions of microorganisms living on our skin – and puncturing the skin and inserting a metal object, also known as getting a piercing, creates a significant shift in that microbiome. ...continue reading "Ear Piercing and the Skin Microbiome"