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Credit: Wikimedia Commons/ Anton Nosik

Another new micronutrient has been discovered in breast milk. This is a sugar molecule called myo-inositol that promotes brain development in infants.

Researchers found that this sugar molecule is most abundant in human breastmilk early after birth when neuronal connections are rapidly forming in the infant brain. Three weeks after birth the levels found in breast milk slowly start to decrease.

This micronutrient was found in breast milk from women at all three study sites (Mexico City, Shanghai, and Cincinnati) - and at similar levels. The researchers stated that this could be one of the reasons why breast milk is so beneficial for a baby's brain development.

Interestingly, adults get myo-inositol from foods, with an adult eating a Western diet getting about 1 gram per day. It is also produced in the brain and other organs. It is especially abundant in fruits (e.g., cantaloupe and oranges), beans, grains, and nuts.

From Medical Xpress: Sugar molecule found in breast milk boosts infant brain development

Breast milk is not simply sustenance. It also is rich in micronutrients that are critical for healthy brain development in infants. ...continue reading "Breast Milk Contains Important Micronutrient For Brain Development"