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This site spends a lot of time discussing the nasal passages and sinuses. That's why a study focusing on the average number of hairs in the nose drew my attention.

The study won a 2023 Ig Nobel Award in medicine. The Ig Awards are basically a good-natured parody of Nobel prizes, where studies that at first seem silly, but then make you think, win awards.

The University of California researchers used 20 cadavers (10 male and 10 female dead persons) to study whether a person has the same number of hairs in both nostrils.

They carefully counted the number of hairs in each nostril and found that people generally have between 120 and 122 hairs per nostril. [The article is behind a paywall, so I searched and found that one mention of the study said on average there were 120 nose hairs on the left side and 112 on the right side.]

Another finding: the hair grows in the front of the nostril and only grows to a height of 0.81 to 1.035 centimeters.

From Ars Technica: Meet the winners of the 2023 Ig Nobel Prizes

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