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This latest research about the type of men's underwear (boxers vs briefs or other tight underwear) and sperm quantity was surprising. Didn't we all learn this years, even decades, ago? A  recent study of 656 men in Massachusetts found that boxers are  associated with better sperm concentrations and sperm counts than briefs or other tight underwear. The researchers pointed out that tight, skinny jeans or even fabric type - anything that has an effect on "scrotal heat" (increasing scrotal temperatures is viewed as having a negative effect) could also lower sperm numbers. From Science Daily:

Largest study yet shows type of underwear is linked to men's semen quality

Men who wear boxer shorts have higher sperm concentrations than men who wear tighter fitting underwear, according to new research published today (Wednesday) in Human Reproduction. The researchers also found that boxer shorts-wearing men had lower levels of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), compared to men who most frequently wore briefs, "bikinis" (very brief briefs), "jockeys" (underwear that finishes just above the knee) or other tight-fitting underwear. FSH stimulates sperm production and the researchers say that these findings suggest that it kicks into gear when it needs to compensate for testicular damage from increasing scrotal temperatures and decreasing sperm counts and concentration.  ...continue reading "Briefs, Boxers, and Sperm Counts"