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It has been known for a while that getting a good night's sleep after getting vaccinated results in a stronger immune response. Twice as strong response! A recent study suggests that this could be due to beneficial T-cells (which are part of immune system) migrating toward the lymph nodes during sleep.

Growth hormone and prolactin are both involved in the migrating response.

Similarly, many studies find that having a short sleep duration (less than 6 hours) after a vaccination reduces the immune antibody response.

Bottom line: If you want a good antibody/immune response to a vaccine - get a good night's sleep of 6 or more hours after being vaccinated! Good sleep stimulates the immune system.

From Science Daily: Immunology: Good sleep stimulates the immune system

Sleep is healthy -- this popular knowledge is backed by science.

Previous research had already shown that in people who slept after a vaccination, the immune response was twice as strong on average as in people who did not sleep during the night after the vaccination. However, the cell biological reasons for this had been little investigated before now.

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