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Sinusitis Success Stories

Today's topic: sinusitis success stories. For those suffering from chronic sinusitis or frequent sinus infections it sounds incredible, doesn't it? For more than 5 years I've posted about the probiotic Lactobacillus sakei and how it can successfully treat sinusitis - both chronic sinusitis and  acute sinusitis (sinus infections). Back in January 2013 I read a study by Abreu et al (2012) that the sinus microbiome (microbial community) in people with chronic sinusitis was imbalanced and that this beneficial bacteria could be a possible treatment. I had suffered from chronic sinusitis for years, so of course I went searching for Lactobacillus sakei. It wasn’t in any probiotics at the time, but I did find it in kimchi. Through experimentation I (and my family) successfully treated our sinusitis by dabbing and smearing a little of the kimchi juice in the nostrils once or twice a day. It felt miraculous!

By the end of 2013 I started this blog to get the word out about Lactobacillus sakei, and to also hear the experiences of others. (See results post) In the last 5 years I have heard from hundreds of people, including lots of sinusitis success stories with Lactobacillus sakei – especially using kimchi, sauerkraut made with garlic, sausage starter cultures such as Bactoferm F-RM-52, and recently with the sinusitis probiotic Lanto Sinus, which was introduced in 2018. When a Lactobacillus sakei product works as a sinusitis treatment for a person it feels absolutely wonderful and amazing. Sinus health after years of suffering! Unfortunately, it appears that Lactobacillus sakei may not work for everyone - only trying it determines if it works and how well.

The following are excerpts of some of the sinusitis success stories that people have reported - almost all are from comments after posts on this site, and a few from emails to me. Sometimes we need to hear successful treatment stories, especially if we’ve been struggling with sinusitis for a long time. Just keep in mind that these are stories of people experimenting on their own - how they used Lactobacillus sakei varies and their experiences vary. (See Sinusitis Treatment Summary for methods). Note that in Feb. 2019 the Lacto Sinus name was changed to Lanto Sinus in order to get a trademark - but the product remains exactly the same.

J. October 2017
So glad I found this site! Have been struggling with chronic sinus and gut issues go over 20 years after several rounds of antibiotics.
Immediately after reading thru this I put a dab of Kimchi juice up each nostril (had some on hand, as I eat a lot of fermented veggies). I could tell almost immediately that something was happening. Almost felt as if there was a duel going on in my sinuses between the kimchi probiotics and the nasties in my sinuses. Had some stuffiness and stiff neck but went to bed and slept great last night and woke up this morning with clearer sinuses and feeling better!

Jo. October 2015
Through the years I've tried everything for sinus infections and nothing but antibiotics helped. When I read about kimchi helping I tried that too. To my utter delight and relief, Sunja's white kimchi worked a miracle! I bought another 3 jars and keep it in the refrigerator for the next bout.

M. November 2018
I had great success in treating my chronic sinusitis with Lacto Sinus.
I’ve had sinus problems for 2 decades and tried all sorts of medicines and treatments, but nothing helped. Every single sore throat and every cold, no matter how minor, led to full-blown sinusitis and having to take antibiotics for weeks. I was always in fear of getting sick. And even when I was “healthy” I really wasn’t, I always had some symptoms. I would frequently wake up with a sore throat and with thick phlegm dripping down my throat.
I was desperate when I tried Lacto Sinus and was thrilled to see improvement within a day! I used it daily for over a week, then every other day for about 2 more weeks. And then I stopped because I didn’t need it anymore.
Getting my life and health back feels like a miracle! I don’t dread getting a cold or virus anymore – I just use some Lacto Sinus again if I get some sinus symptoms. I will always keep a bottle in my refrigerator.

T. January 2017 
I am yet another "n" that you can add to the growing evidentiary base of the success of the the Lactobacillus sakei treatment for sinusitis. I came across this site while searching for information on chronic sinus infections which I have battled intermittently for years. Having a deviated septum means that even a simple cold will sometimes develop into a lingering sinus infection and I have learned the hard way that multiple courses of antibiotics have little or no effect. In early December, three weeks into yet another sinus infection I tried the Kimchi treatment and within two days I could feel a difference. The infection is now gone, and it has left more quickly than with any other treatment such as antibiotics, decongestants, nasal spray and the like. What an amazing discovery, and even better contributions to health you are making through this site. Thank you so much!

G. February 2014
I also read the article about the Bactoferm treatment with much interest, as I've suffered with it [sinusitis] for over 20 years. During this time I took countless antibiotics and only got worse. I decided to purchase it from chr-hansen. Unfortunately, it also contained another organism, but I was desperate and unable to find it "pure." I mixed very small amounts into my Neti pot. Within about 48-72 hours of using it (1x per day) my sinusitis was much better. In less than a week I was cured! Now I take a maintenance dose about once every 3-4 months (I need it about 3-4x per year if I catch a cold) and I'd say I'm 95% better than I was before. Amazing that I'd taken all those antibiotics over the years and likely just made the problem worse. Glad you're getting the word out and thought I'd just share my testimony!

D. September 2018
I ordered the Lacto Sinus and it has been wonderful! I used it for 5 days and then felt so good that I stopped. I haven’t used it in several days now and still feel great. This is amazing! I’ve had chronic sinusitis for many years, have had multiple surgeries, and nothing has worked before this.

B. June 2016
I want to thank you so much for posting the details of your experience on the internet. I have been colonized by pseudomonas aeruginosa in both the lungs and the sinuses, and have had a real breakthrough in treating my sinusitis thanks to you. ….
I started with the kimchi treatment, but it didn't have much efficacy for me; probably my kimchi didn't contain L. Sakei. So I ordered the Bactoferm. For several days I smeared it in my nostrils, and it seemed to be helping, but not enough. So I decided to take things further and I shot the Bactoferm up my sinuses with a nasal aspirator. This forceful irrigation of my sinuses with Bactoferm had revolutionary results. My sinuses feel completely normal for the first time in a decade. I used to have to flush my sinuses with salt/baking soda/baby shampoo several times a day in order to get the goop out; now there's no goop. Every now and then I blow my nose and produce some completely clear mucus, which is (I believe) normal for healthy sinuses. I experience no pain, no pressure, no post-nasal drip. The only issue that was slightly concerning was a temporary decrease in my ability to smell, but that went away after a few days. I only had to shoot BactoFerm up my head once; no repeat treatment has been necessary.

N. February 2017
All I can say is Wow! I've battled toxic mold exposure for the past 2 years, thought I was dying, brain fog, dizziness, one side of my face warm, so many Dr appointments. CT of sinus shows nothing, multiple rounds of antibiotics actually made me feel worse. But after 3 days of use, I can think clearly for the first time in forever. Not sure how long I'll have to keep applying but this is nothing short of amazing. Thank you so much for this site!

K. March 2017
Something fabulously disgusting happened to me this morning, using the kimchi!
For two years I have had a constant runny nose and a bad smell in my nose. In desperation I finally went to an ENT specialist who took a culture which showed Staph and Fungus. She put me on oral steroids and antibiotics, which made me feel miserable and did nothing. Next they wanted to do a cat scan and surgery. In desperation, I tried the kimchi idea posted here. I have been doing it for 2 weeks with no result. Then this morning the fabulously disgusting thing happened! I had used kimchi last night. This morning I tried using a saline spray. When I sprayed, I felt a horrible glob shoot like a rocket through my sinuses into my throat. I then pulled an inch round nasty glob of grey/green fungus from my mouth. It smelled like a dead body. Other than feeling like I need to gargle with bleach :), I am thrilled. My theory is that the kimchi loosened the fungal ball but it was too big to come out my nose, so it needed the spray to wash it out the other way. I am going to keep up the treatment for awhile and make sure I got it all. I am thrilled to think I avoided surgery with this!!

JK. August 2018
I just have to say that I’ve been using Lacto Sinus for three days now. Today I smelled my soap, which I haven’t been able to smell since around December last year! I’m so happy!

L. March 2017
After being a chronic sinus sufferer for over 15 years (sinus surgery 5 years ago) and suffering from multiple sinus infections annually, I want to stand on the rooftops and shout to all sufferers to read this website. I am not new to self-experimentation and have administered many homemade saline rinse concoctions including Alkalol, Baby Shampoo, Manuka Honey, Essential Oils, and more – all with ZERO success. …
Here’s my recent experience with Bactoferm. Last Monday, I came down with a very rapid and extreme sinus infection (fever, lost voice, cough, mucus, etc.) and I’m ecstatic to report that for the first time EVER, I’ve beaten an infection using only this method, completely without medications, and all within just 1 week! …
Just last Thursday, my new ENT scoped me and of course I exhibited a full-blown, rampant infection. … I ordered the first sample of my new missing friend L. Sakei. After an overnight order, I mixed this culture with distilled water and applied it directly inside my nose/sinuses. Upon going to bed miserable with the infection, I awoke the next morning with my voice mostly restored, cough diminished, and far less crud than I’ve ever had at this early stage - at least 75% of symptoms disappeared during the first night alone!
I’ve continued this regimen (1 application just before bed) for 4 more days and visited the ENT again the following Tuesday. He asked how the topical antibiotic he prescribed was working and before I answered, I asked for him to scope me again. No inflammation, some clear mucus – overall, the sinus passage ways looked mostly back to normal. I handed him the medical study on this and told him I didn’t touch the topical antibiotic, and instead used a bacteria culture described in this research. He just said, “Keep doing whatever you’re doing - because it’s working”!

E. December 2017
+1 for sauerkraut. I read your website a few months back but kept on using antibiotics rather than giving kimchi a go. This time around I threw caution to the wind (out of desperation) and tried the sauerkraut I happened to have in the fridge. It worked! I came back to your site to reread and saw that sauerkraut doesn't usually work ... except maybe if it has garlic. Woo hoo! I got lucky because the sauerkraut I have has garlic in it: Gutsy Smoked Garlic Kraut (Australia). Bye bye pills
…  Incidentally, I know you don't advocate this and it probably isn't a good idea ... but I resorted to dabbing the kimchi in my ears and gargling the juice! Along with sinusitis I also get recurring bacterial laryngitis and this seems to have helped (the nose dabs only helped the sinus prob). I figure ear/nose/throat are all connected... Perhaps inadvisable but, what the hell, it seems to work.

J. August 2018
I tried the product [Lacto Sinus] a few weeks ago and it works great! The sinusitis I’ve had for many years is finally gone. Thanks for all the information you post.

FINAL THOUGHTS: It was very hard to choose which stories to post - there were so many and each story different. In the end I chose stories that people were willing to tell publicly. Numerous people told me privately that chronic sinusitis had destroyed or taken over their lives: jobs lost, relationships ended, numerous medical bills, constant pain and suffering from sinusitis, operations that didn't help, and even suicidal thoughts. So having a simple treatment (Lactobacillus sakei) that works for many is truly a miracle to them.

[See The Best Probiotic Fos Sinus Infections for more information.]

9 thoughts on “Sinusitis Success Stories

  1. Leo

    I have a similar sinus story. Over the years I've had many, many sinus infections and only antibiotics helped. A friend told me about this site and at first I laughed at the idea of using kimchi, but then I tried it. I can't even describe how shocked I was that it worked and that it was so easy to do.
    This past year I tried a variety of sinus probiotics and decided I like Lanto Sinus best. I even used it to treat bronchitis recently.
    What a relief to no longer need antibiotics!

    1. Sima

      Yes, I would. This way it ensures that some of the Lactobacillus sakei travels up throughout the nasal passages and throughout the respiratory system.

  2. Bette-Jeanne

    Please advise me how to order this product. Also, would this product be effective for the sinusitis symptoms that accompany leaky gut syndrome ?

    1. Sima

      Lactobacillus sakei is found in kimchi at certain times in fermentation, as well as in Lanto Sinus (sold by Lanto Health).
      It is used when experiencing sinusitis symptoms (a sign of microbial imbalance).
      While it helps most people, only self-experimentation can determine if it works for a person. This is because everyone's sinus microbiome is different.

  3. Dennis Walker

    In 2017, after 40 years plus of sinus infections, months on end of antibiotics and Prednisone every single year, I read an article by Dr. Susan Lynch about the sinus microbiome. From there I found this site and ordered my first jar of Kimchi powder. I have not had one dose of an antibiotic since and have had no sinus infections for almost 5 years. Miracle!!! Saved my life.

    1. Sima

      That is so great to hear!
      Yes, it absolutely does feel like a miracle that something works so quickly after years of suffering with sinusitis.


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