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What Else Can Lactobacillus Sakei Treat?

What can the amazing beneficial bacteria Lactobacilus sakei treat? We know it can treat sinusitis (sinus infections) - based on the original Abreu et al (2012) research, personal experiences, and feedback from hundreds of people since I started this site in 2013. Can it treat bronchitis? Earaches? How about skin infections?

L. sakei dominates over and inhibits growth of pathogenic bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus. Instead of using antibiotics - what else could L. sakei be used for?

I've been hearing interesting stories from people - a number of people have found that it (kimchi, sauerkraut with garlic, or a L. sakei product such as Lanto Sinus) works to treat coughs (bronchitis), or prevents upper respiratory infections from developing into serious sinus infections, gets rid of fungal balls in the sinuses, treats earaches, and even treats small skin infections. People have been using the various products in creative ways - all self-experimentation!

The experiences of some people contacting me, as well as family members (including myself) - is that it treated bronchitis and coughs for which they would have taken antibiotics in the past - by swishing L. sakei powder (such as Lanto Sinus) in the mouth (but not in the nose).

For example, one person reported that she occasionally gets bronchitis, but never sinusitis - and she successfully used Lanto Sinus to treat the bronchitis by swishing it in the mouth. The first two days she used it 2 x per day, and after that once per day until she felt better, but not totally well - and when she stopped the bronchitis (cough, phlegm) came back. So she used the L. sakei again until she felt totally healthy - and this time the cough stayed away. Since I personally know this person (we take walks together) I was able to observe her progress - cough & phlegm, then improvement, then backwards slide, and then total health when she used the product again. Hmmm... Definitely wasn't an imaginary effect or wishful thinking (placebo effect).

One person dabbed kimchi juice in the ear for an earache and thought it helped (see Sinusitis Success Stories). Others have dabbed Lanto Sinus mixed with water into the ear canal (but not too deep) and thought it helped.

For skin infections some individuals mixed L. sakei with a little water and applied to infection - this has been reported for both frozen Bactoferm F-RM-52 and refrigerated Lanto Sinus.

Not wanting to dab kimchi juice in the nostrils (the usual way to use kimchi for sinusitis), some gargled with kimchi juice and also swished it in the mouth and then didn't eat or drink for a while - but I don't know how the results compare to the usual kimchi method.

But at any rate, the reports from people of various ways to use a L. sakei product are interesting. Just remember - this is all self-experimentation - which means results can be positive, negative, or no effect. And please be cautious!

For ways people use the various Lactobacillus sakei products to treat sinus infections (both chronic sinusitis and acute sinusitis) see the Sinusitis Treatment Summary page. The Best Probiotic For Sinus Infections gives an in-depth look at the different L. sakei products and results.

[Updated January 15, 2020.]

5 thoughts on “What Else Can Lactobacillus Sakei Treat?

  1. Andrea

    I mixed a little Lanto Sinus with water and gargled with it several times to get rid of an earache. Even swabbed a little into my ear. It worked!

  2. Mark

    So I was diganosed about 2 years ago with MARCONS and have tried all the conventional and holistic options with not much success. About 2 months ago I started with snorting L. Sakei every night. Everything was fine up until about 2 weeks ago when my right ear got clogged up and then went into a full blown and extremely painful ear infection! How could this happen when snorting L Sakei every night? All I can think is that since I also do 2-3 neti-washes a day.......the neti in combination with blowing my nose pushed some of the marcons into my eustacian tube......hence the infection. However, you would think it would not have happened with the L Sakei present??

    1. Sima

      There are several possibilities (e.g. new viral or bacterial infection).
      But I'm a little concerned with the long-term daily use of Lactobacillus sakei. We found that "less is more" with L. sakei - use only when needed and then stop. No need for "boosters". Read section: Problem With A Product Suddenly Not Working, Or Overuse in the post Best Probiotic For Sinus Infections.
      When too much of any microbe (beneficial or harmful) is in the respiratory microbiomes (ears, sinuses, etc), then there can be an "imbalance" and symptoms can occur. Lactobacillus sakei is present only in tiny amounts in healthy individuals.

    2. Nisha

      Hi Mark.. I’m taking a shot in the dark and hoping this comment reaches you. I’ve been dealing with the same situation of Mold/macrons making their way to my Eustachian tube after a neti pot session. I’m curious how you’re doing and if you have any words of wisdom on healing.

      1. Sima

        If you haven't used L. sakei before, can try that to help with ear issues. But if you've been using L. sakei for a while, then it could be too much of it (an imbalance). Stop the L. sakei and try getting other beneficial bacteria species (Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species) into the respiratory system by opening a capsule and swishing in the mouth. Try this a few days - maybe once or twice a day, and see if this helps.


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