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Two more studies find that drinking coffee is associated with health benefits, which is good news for coffee drinkers. The first study found an association of daily coffee drinking (both caffeinated and decaffeinated) and lower risk of premature mortality (early death) among half a million United Kingdom residents - as compared to those who don't ...continue reading "More Good News About Coffee"

Great news coffee drinkers! Another study - this time a large analysis of over 200 studies found that coffee consumption is linked to many health benefits. The best results were from drinking 3 to 4 cups of coffee daily (as compared to none), with a reduction in "all cause" mortality (death from any cause), and cardiovascular ...continue reading "Coffee Linked to a Number of Health Benefits"

It seems like I can't stop writing about coffee (here and here). Coffee drinkers rejoice: another study (presented at the European Society of Cardiology) finds health benefits from drinking several cups of coffee daily. This study, like other previous studies, found an inverse relationship between drinking coffee and early death ("all-cause mortality") - meaning the ...continue reading "Drink Coffee to Lower Your Risk of Early Death?"

Once again several studies found health benefits associated with drinking coffee daily - this time "reduced risk of death" in 2 studies, and in one study a reduced risk of gallbladder cancer. Just keep in mind that the studies found associations, but did not establish that drinking coffee caused X (reduced risk of death) - so ...continue reading "Drinking Coffee May Reduce Risk of Death"

Should the results of this study determine what kind of coffee one drinks? Does it really make a difference? Eh...Not for me (because all coffee seems to be beneficial), but it might for you. Studies show that daily drinking of coffee appears to have health benefits. Studies have linked coffee consumption with lower rates of cancer ...continue reading "Is Coffee From Lightly Roasted Coffee Beans Best For Health?"

More great news about drinking coffee daily - for women. Older women (between ages of 65 to 80 at the start of the study) reporting drinking higher amounts of caffeinated beverages (about 261 mg which is about 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day) had a lower incidence of dementia and cognitive impairment over ...continue reading "Drinking Coffee Linked To A Reduced Risk of Dementia?"

Coffee consumption overall seems to be beneficial to health in various ways, such as lowering the risk of colorectal cancer. But there are times one should limit how much one drinks, such as during the  preconception period for both the male and female, and also during pregnancy, to lower the risk of miscarriage. From Science Daily: Coffee consumption ...continue reading "Coffee, Colorectal Cancer, and Miscarriage"

A University of Georgia review study of the research literature shows that drinking coffee (instead of a caffeine supplement) improves athletic endurance performance. Also, that caffeine from coffee has ergogenic benefits—that it enhances physical performance. More beneficial effects of coffee! From Medical Xpress: Coffee may improve athletic endurance performance, review finds The caffeine in a morning ...continue reading "Drinking Coffee May Improve Athletic Endurance and Performance"

 Drink coffee daily -  3 to 5 cups of either regular or decaffeinated - and live longer by lowering your risk of premature death from cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, type 2 diabetes, and suicide. Yes, it was an observational study, but the results are similar to what other studies are finding. From Medical Xpress: Moderate ...continue reading "Drink Coffee and Live Longer?"

A nice summary article about the benefits and risks of coffee consumption. Summary of effects of drinking coffee: 1) May potentially increase blood pressure, but also may lower the risk for coronary disease, and protect against heart disease. 2) May cut stroke risk by as much as 25%, 3) Linked to  improved glucose metabolism, reduced risk ...continue reading "Coffee Appears To Have Lots of Health Benefits"